Dashboard is a WEB tool that helps visualize dynamic data. At the onset the only data available was data regarding the health of different servers and weather related data (see Blog Sensorweb+1.x )

I have of late, added the ability to visualize data coming from external databases regarding the spread of Covid-19.

This tool is intended to enable a quick view to sensitize to the threat and horror of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Dashboard is here.

Display organization

The data is displayed via three columns that respectively represent the scope of the value( Source), the specific measurement (Sensor) and the value.

Clicking on a specific Source will focus Dashboard on that Source. Clicking on a specific Sensor will focus on that specific Sensor across all Sources and finally clicking on the value will display a graphic of the evolution of that data-point over time.

Covid-19 data

The data displayed by Dashboard contains "Death ratio" and "Confirmed ratio". These values are calculated as follow from the raw data:

  • "Death ratio" = #deaths / population * 106 ,
  • "Confirmed ratio"= #confirmed cases / population * 106.

The external databases used are:

IMPORTANT / DISCLAIMER: I decline any and all responsibility in regards to the tool and the data that it renders. Should you need exact and reliable data, please search for the data in the different responsible government agencies.

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